Tank transport

With our tankers with multi-axle trailers we transport (non-hazardous) liquid products such as: soybean oil, palm oil and maize germ oil. The trucks are equipped with the latest technology, allowing us to load and unload quickly. With our lobe pump we can unload thicker liquids without any problems.

Do you need temporary storage facilities for your liquid products? We have sufficient storage tanks available.



General cargo

Pallet transport is another speciality of De Greef Transport. We are transporting for instance bags with feed and fertilizer. With our carrying fork-lift truck (Kooi-Aap) it is possible to unload these products easily in your shed or barn. This saves you precious time!


For the transport of general cargo de Greef Transport has curtainside trailers at her disposal with slide tops and sliderlifts. Beside that De Greef Transport has box trailers with cantilever- and sliderlifts.


Walking floor transport

Walking floor transport is ideal for the transport of for instance fertilizer, compost and waste products. Our trailers have a loading capacity of 93 m3. Thanks to an innovative system we are able to unload a full truckload within ten (10) minutes. Loading therefore is simple and fast. Our trailers are equipped with hinged beams, as a result even longer lengths aren’t any problem.