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As a GMP certified transport company de Greef Transport focuses on the feeding industry. We are specialized in transporting liquids (non-hazardous), bulk loads with the use of walking floor trailers and palletized transport. From the centrally location Renswoude we serve feed companies and farmers within a radius of 1000 kilometres. Our main activities are performed in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany, besides that we transport to and from other countries too.

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GMP certified logistic service provider specialized in the transport of (non-hazardous) liquids.

Tank transport

For the transport of general cargo de Greef Transport has taut liners at her disposal with slide tops and under valve tailboard.

General cargo

For bulk transport, such as the transport of fertilizer, compost and waste products we have walking floor trailers to our disposal

Bulk transport

De Greef Transport, a solid family owned company


Founded in 1954 as carrier of milk cans. Since 2007 fulltime active in the feed industry. High quality, excellent service!

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George de Greef

quality / planner

"Quality is important, just like profit. It is not the result that counts, but the constant process of growth."

Ria & Jaap de Greef

commercial director & technical director

"Quality by purchasing the right material, taking the environmental demands into account."

Niels de Greef


"Logistics is much more than just store and deliver products."

De Greef Transport